Justice Jenny Blokland

Justice Blokland was appointed to the Supreme Court of the Northern Territory on 9 April 2010. Her Honour previously served as a Magistrate in the Northern Territory from 2002-2006 and Chief Magistrate from 2006-2010. Justice Blokland has also previously practised in criminal law and family law with the North Australian Aboriginal Legal Aid Service and the Australian Legal Aid Office and was General Counsel to the Director of Public Prosecutions (NT). She was formerly a legal academic and Dean of the Northern Territory University (now Charles Darwin University) law school. She is co-author of the text “Criminal Laws, Northern Territory”.



Dr Bernadette Boss

Dr Boss was appointed as a Magistrate and Coroner of the ACT Magistrates Court on 11 June 2012. She is also the current Galambany Court (circle sentencing Court) magistrate. Her Honour holds a PhD in international humanitarian law and human rights law from the University of Sydney. She has practiced as a barrister in England and Wales, as well as in Australia. Magistrate Boss has also served as a Legal Officer with the Australian Regular Army and as a general service officer with the Army Reserve. Her Honour has experience in a range of areas including criminal law, family law, common law, military law and administrative law.



Justice Helen Bowskill

Justice Bowskill was appointed to the Supreme Court of Queensland on 10 July 2017. Her Honour previously served as a Judge of the District Court of Queensland from November 2014, in that capacity also sitting as a Judge of the Children’s Court of Queensland and the Planning and Environment Court. Her Honour served as the Associate to the Honourable Justice Drummond of the Federal Court of Australia in 1996, and completed articles of clerkship with Minter Ellison in 1997. Her Honour was admitted as a solicitor in January 1998, and as a barrister in July 1998. She commenced practice at the private Bar in Brisbane in July 1998. Her Honour took silk in November 2013. As a barrister, she practiced widely in public, administrative and commercial law areas, with a particular focus on Native Title law.