July 16, 2014 scottmills

Test Council Member

Chief Justice Wayne Martin (Chair)

Appointed Chief Justice of Western Australia on 1 May 2006, Wayne Martin AC has had extensive involvement in law reform and access to justice issues throughout his career. His Honour was appointed Queen’s Counsel in 1993. On 11 June 2012, His Honour was appointed a Companion of the Order of Australia in recognition of his service to the judiciary and to the law, particularly in legal reform and education.

Justice David Berman

Justice Berman was appointed to the Family Court of Australia on 18 July 2013. Prior to this, His Honour practised as a barrister in the area of family law and de facto relationships. Justice Berman was appointed Senior Counsel in 2010.


Justice Jenny Blokland

Justice Blokland was appointed to the Supreme Court of the Northern Territory on 9 April 2010. Her Honour previously served as a Magistrate in the Northern Territory from 2002-2006 and Chief Magistrate from 2006-2010. Justice Blokland has also previously practised in criminal law and family law with the North Australian Aboriginal Legal Aid Service and the Australian Legal Aid Office.


Dr Bernadette Boss

Dr Boss was appointed as a Magistrate of the ACT Magistrates Court on 11 June 2011. Her Honour holds a PhD in international humanitarian law and human rights law from the University of Sydney. Dr Boss has extensive experience in a range of areas including criminal law, family law, common law, military law and administrative law.


Ms Maria Dimopoulos

Maria Dimopoulos is a Managing Director at MyriaD Consultants. She has a legal background and works in the areas of human rights and diversity. Maria has extensive experience in policy formulation, research for social planning and community education. She is an expert in multicultural communities and diversity management.


Justice Emilios Kyrou

Justice Kyrou was appointed to the Supreme Court of Victoria on 13 May 2008. His Honour was previously a partner at Mallesons Stephen Jaques. Justice Kyrou was the second private legal practitioner to be appointed directly to the Supreme Court of Victoria and is the first Greek-born judge to be appointed. His Honour has also authored a groundbreaking autobiography that explores his early life as a migrant and his journey in overcoming the impact of racism.


Justice Lucy McCallum

Justice McCallum was appointed to the Supreme Court of New South Wales on 30 January 2008. Prior to this, Justice McCallum practiced in commercial litigation at Mallesons Stephen Jaques, as a prosecutor in criminal law and at the Bar in New South Wales. Her Honour was appointed Senior Counsel in September 2005.


Justice Melissa Perry

Justice Perry was appointed to the Federal Court of Australia on 23 September 2013. Prior to this appointment, Justice Perry had practiced at the Bar since 1992. In 2004, Her Honour was appointed Queen’s Counsel. Justice Perry has held positions on numerous professional bodies including the New South Wales Bar Association Human Rights Committee (2010-2013) and Equal Opportunity Committee (2011-2012).


Professor Greg Reinhardt

Professor Reinhardt is the Executive Director of the Australasian Institute of Judicial Administration. He has held this position since 1997. The AIJA is a research and educational institute that conducts research into judicial administration and the development and conduct of educational programmes for judicial officers, court administrators and members of the legal profession in relation to court administration and judicial systems.

Judge Nick Samios

Judge Samios was appointed a Judge of the District Court of Queensland on 20 August 1998. His Honour previously practised at the Bar in Queensland. Judge Samios is the son of migrants from Greece and has an active interest in the promotion of multiculturalism.


Mr Ernie Schmatt

Ernie Schmatt is the Chief Executive of the Judicial Commission of New South Walves. He has held this position since March 1989. The Commission assists the courts to achieve consistency in sentencing, conducts judicial education and examines complaints against judicial officers.


Judge Rauf Soulio

Judge Soulio was appointed to the District Court of South Australia in 2006. His Honour previously held the position of Chair of the Australian Multicultural Council and is currently the Chair of the Migrant Resource Centre of South Australia. Judge Soulio was also Deputy Chair of the Australian Multicultural Advisory Council until its completion in 2011.


Ms Carla Wilshire

Ms Wilshire is the CEO of the Migration Council Australia (MCA). The MCA was set up to provide independent research and policy advice on migration, settlement and social cohesion. Ms Wilshire has a background in public policy and has worked as public servant and advisor to Government on multicultural affairs. She has a background in tertiary research and policy development.


Justice Helen Wood

Justice Wood was appointed to the Supreme Court of Tasmania on 9 November 2009. Prior to this appointment, Her Honour was a Magistrate in Tasmania. As a barrister and solicitor, Justice Wood worked in a range of areas, including civil and criminal law. Her Honour has had a longstanding interest in human rights and equal opportunity matters, having served as chairperson of the Anti Discrimination Tribunal and the Sex Discrimination Tribunal.