Judge Rauf Soulio

Judge Soulio was appointed to the District Court of South Australia in 2006. His Honour has been the Chair of the Migrant Resource Centre of South Australia since 2003. He was Chair of the Australian Multicultural Council between 2011 and 2014 and in that capacity was a member of the national Access and Equity Inquiry Panel which conducted an inquiry into the availability and accessibility of government services to people from culturally diverse backgrounds. Between 2011 and 2014 he also served as a member of the National Anti-Racism Partnership Strategy. Judge Soulio was previously Deputy Chair of the Australian Multicultural Advisory Council, which provided advice to government on multicultural policy, until the completion of the Advisory Council’s term in 2011.



Judge Josephine Willis

Judge Willis was appointed to the Federal Circuit Court of Australia in February 2009 in Cairns, having been at the Bar for 14 years. Her Honour has chaired a national committee of the Court examining listing practices and work load and now chairs the Court’s Indigenous Access to Justice Committee addressing how the FCC can be more accessible to ATSI litigants throughout Australia. The work of the committee, commissioned by the Chief Judge, led to the FCC entering into a Reconciliation Action Plan with Reconciliation Australia in March 2014, the first Court to do so in Australia. Judge Willis, like all judges in the FCC, has hundreds of matters a year in her docket, sits all around Australia and really enjoys first instance work.



Ms Carla Wilshire

Ms Wilshire is the CEO of the Migration Council Australia (MCA). The MCA was set up to provide independent research and policy advice on migration, settlement and social cohesion. Ms Wilshire has a background in public policy and has worked as public servant and advisor to Government on multicultural affairs. She has a background in tertiary research and policy development.