Justice Emilios Kyrou

Justice Kyrou was appointed to the Supreme Court of Victoria on 13 May 2008. His Honour was previously a partner at Mallesons Stephen Jaques. Justice Kyrou was the second practising solicitor to be appointed directly to the Supreme Court of Victoria and is the first Greek-born judge to be appointed. His Honour has also authored a partial autobiography that explores his early life as a migrant and the effects of racism.



Ms Leisha Lister

Leisha Lister is the Executive Advisor of the Family Court of Australia where she manages and coordinates the development of policy, research and advice to the Court. Leisha has managed a number of significant projects of the Family Court including the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander research project looking at issues facing Indigenous Australians access to the Family Law Courts and the development of a suite of access and equity plans including the Family Violence Plan, the Indigenous Action Plan and the Multicultural Plan. Leisha also manages the Court’s international programmes. She has previously worked in the areas of community development, HIV/AIDS education, child protection and the prevention of trafficking of women for the purposes of prostitution. She holds qualifications in law, business and applied science.



Justice Lucy McCallum

Justice McCallum was appointed to the Supreme Court of New South Wales on 30 January 2008. Prior to this, Justice McCallum practiced in commercial litigation at Mallesons Stephen Jaques, as a prosecutor in criminal law and at the Bar in New South Wales. Her Honour was appointed Senior Counsel in September 2005.